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About The Baker Behind The Bakes

Hi! I’m Gabi Frohlich, a student at the University of Maryland (go Terps!!) majoring in Family Science and minoring in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation. I’m 21 years old and a baking/food blogger! I’m primarily on Instagram and this blog, but you can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest.

I started blogging to introduce people to how easy and fun baking can be in addition to the importance of having a balanced lifestyle. I am a firm believer in everything being healthy in moderation; food is fuel for the body, not a combination of numbers and nutrition facts. I don’t believe in the label “healthy,” rather healthy-ish, for claiming something is healthy or a healthy version of something else inadvertently demonizes other, more traditional types or versions of foods. Nutrition is fluid and healthy looks different for everyone, and blogging for me is a way to not only practice my creativity and love of baking but convey to others through food ideas of a balanced, nonrestrictive lifestyle.


Food should be celebrated for its benefits, not feared nor confined; bodies should be loved, nourished, and strong, not criticized, deprived, nor shamed. Therefore, I use my platforms to spread recipes that are “sometimes boozy, sometimes colorful, sometimes healthy-ish, but always delicious” in an effort to express that one should never feel guilty for eating and that all food has a place in one’s diet.

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