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  • Gabi Frohlich

Cookie Dough Pop Tarts

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Craaaazy good.

These are based on a recipe by one of my favorite baking blogs, Butternut Bakery. This won't be a super long post because I essentially followed the recipe exactly, BUT hers makes cookies and cream flavored one and I decided to make a cookie dough flavor!

The Filling and Toppings

These elements are the only ones that differ from the original recipe. For the filling, I used crushed up chewy chocolate chip cookies instead of Oreos. The cookies really should be chewy ones, not firm or crisp ones (because the chewiness is what gives it the cookie dough-like texture!). For the icing, I didn't follow the recipe because I typically play around a powder sugar icings until it reaches the consistency I'm looking for (in this case- thick enough to retain it's color but thin enough to slightly drip towards the edges of the pop tarts). I just use a tiny bit of water, a splash of vanilla extract, and a lot of powdered sugar and mix until smooth. I topped with some crushed chocolate chip cookies while the icing was still wet so that they would stick nicely to the pop tart. Make sure to ice the pop tarts AFTER they have they have cooled or else it'll drip off and be more of a clear glaze instead of an icing.

These pop tarts turned out to be AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. The tart was flaky and not super sweet so that it perfectly balanced the sugary goodness of the filling and icing. The chocolate chips in the filling also added some nice crunch to them! 100% recommend trying these guys out!

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